Bio-Sense™ Garden Blend

For High-Yielding, Healthier Fruits and Vegetables

Bio-Sense™ Garden is a balanced fertilizer designed to help you get the most from your fruit and vegetable plants. Blended by Midwestern BioAg, Bio-Sense fruit and vegetable fertilizer is formulated using years of agricultural expertise to bring large-scale production benefits to gardeners of all sizes. Apply Bio-Sense Garden fertilizer to your fruits and vegetables for season-long growth and performance.

Product Characteristics:

A Complete Nutrient Package: Bio-Sense Garden contains NPK, plus other important nutrients like calcium, sulfur and trace minerals to help improve fruit and vegetable quality.

Season-Long Availability: Our garden fertilizer is blended with Environmentally Smart Nitrogen, or ESN®. ESN is a polymer-coated nitrogen source that helps prevent nutrient runoff. This helps keep nutrients in your garden and out of waterways.

Gentle on Plants and Soil Life:  Bio-Sense Garden fertilizer contains materials that stimulate and support both soil microbes and plant roots. This helps improve soil structure and plant resilience. Healthier soils hold water better, helping plants stay productive during times of drought.

For All Fruits and Vegetables: Bio-Sense Garden is a basic garden fertilizer designed for application on all fruits and vegetables.