Bio-Vet® Products

We carry a wide range of Bio-Vet® direct fed microbial (probiotic) products and nutritional products for dairy, beef, equine, swine, sheep and goat.


Products include:

  • Calf Milk Additives
  • Calcium Supplements
  • Gels/ Pastes/ Drenches
  • Capsules and Boluses
  • Calf and Cattle Electrolytes
  • Direct Fed Microbial Products
  • Equine Products
  • Goat Products


For more information about Bio-Vet® direct fed microbial products, please contact your local Midwestern Bio-Ag office by phone (800-372-6012) or by email ( 


Product Characteristics

Contains live, naturally occurring microorganisms

Highly available vitamins and chelated trace minerals

Improve digestion, growth, and production

Support immune function