Improved Nutrient Efficiency for Stronger Starts & Higher Yields

L-CBF BOOST™ 4-0-3-2S is a molasses-based carbon additive designed to improve the efficiency and performance of your liquid fertilizer program. Derived from sugar cane molasses, BOOST fertilizer helps stimulate soil biology in early spring and cycle nutrients in the soil.

Product Characteristics

Stimulate Soil Biology:  BOOST is 30 percent sugar, which helps stimulate soil microbes and supports plant growth. Microbes help make soil nutrients more plant-available, improve soil structure and speed residue decomposition.

Reduce Losses to Drift: Adding BOOST to other liquids and sprays can limit losses to drift.

Limit Risk of Root and Leaf Burn: When added to UAN, BOOST can help reduce the risk of root and leaf burn often caused by UAN application.

Sulfate Sulfur: BOOST contains sulfate sulfur, which is necessary for plant protein formation. Sulfur can increase crop yields and quality, and result in large returns to producers.

All Major Crops: BOOST can be applied to corn, soybeans, alfalfa and small grains. Ask your consultant for more information on dilution rates and application methods.

Compatible: BOOST is compatible with most other liquid fertilizers; jar-test before application.