Midwestern BioAg is transforming agriculture.

We have successfully pioneered a unique approach to farming that raises yields, lowers costs, and improves margins on the farm. As our partners in change, our farmer customers are increasing food quality while lowering their environmental impacts.

This approach is called “biological farming.” It combines the best practices of conventional and organic farming with innovative fertilizers, cover crops, and animal nutrition.

Our approach to farm management builds a whole-farm ecosystem supported by healthy soil. Following this sustainable approach, farmers increase crop health, yields, and pest and disease resistance, which drive profits on the farm.

Recent Blog Posts

Crop Diversity Benefits

by: Bill Petersen, Scientist, Midwestern BioAg Through the industrial and chemical revolutions, agricultural productivity in the U.S. has increased significantly. For the first 70 years that corn yields were recorded, yields were under 30 bushels per acre. Today, corn yields… Read More

Crop Quality Premiums

With a summer of favorable growing conditions, wheat crops have thrived in the face of poor market prices. “Because I have sold most of my wheat crop quite a while ago [at higher-than-current prices], it will be profitable,” says Merrifield,… Read More

Soil Organic Matter

Building organic matter in the soil is a long and multiyear process. According to High Plains Journal editor Fred Vocasek, it took about 10 to 20 years of farming to drop organic matter levels by one-half percent to one percent on… Read More

Cost of Erosion

When soil is lost through erosion, producers lose valuable nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, limiting both farm productivity and profitability. Fortunately, farmers can help keep nutrients in the field through strategic tillage management. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach when… Read More