Midwestern BioAg is transforming agriculture.

We have successfully pioneered a unique approach to farming that raises yields, lowers costs, and improves margins on the farm. As our partners in change, our farmer customers are increasing food quality while lowering their environmental impacts.

This approach is called “biological farming.” It combines the best practices of conventional and organic farming with innovative fertilizers, cover crops, and animal nutrition.

Our approach to farm management builds a whole-farm ecosystem supported by healthy soil. Following this sustainable approach, farmers increase crop health, yields, and pest and disease resistance, which drive profits on the farm.

Recent Blog Posts

Microbial Business Partners

NRCS Soil Health Communications Coordinator Ron Nichols is a self-proclaimed “soil health geek.” In a recent blog post, Nichols points out that “by farming using soil health principles and practices like no-till, cover cropping, and diverse rotations, farmers are actually… Read More

Earth Day, Soil Day

April 22 marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Created to support environmental protection in the U.S., Earth Day celebrates a wide range of conservation practices such as the soil conservation methods farmers have been practicing since the early 1900s…. Read More

Soil, Water in Iowa

Controversy over nitrate levels in northern Iowa’s drinking water made national news over the weekend. Last month, Des Moines Water Works sued three rural Iowa county leaders citing that “too little has been done to prevent nitrates from flowing out… Read More

More Productive Soil

Soil conservation is a leading conversation in the agricultural community, and the national media are listening. A recent New York Times article reports “degraded soil requires heavy applications of synthetic fertilizer to produce high yields. And because its structure has… Read More