Midwestern BioAg is transforming agriculture.

We have successfully pioneered a unique approach to farming that raises yields, lowers costs, and improves margins on the farm. As our partners in change, our farmer customers are increasing food quality while lowering their environmental impacts.

This approach is called “biological farming.” It combines the best practices of conventional and organic farming with innovative fertilizers, cover crops, and animal nutrition.

Our approach to farm management builds a whole-farm ecosystem supported by healthy soil. Following this sustainable approach, farmers increase crop health, yields, and pest and disease resistance, which drive profits on the farm.

Recent Blog Posts

Teaching Tools Promote Soil Health

As part of the 2015 International Year of Soils (IYS), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) have published four children’s booklets featuring activities to help teach the importance of soil health. “Our… Read More

Cover Crop Benefits

Planting cover crops can help farmers on rented acres grow crop profits and land value – benefits that help both the producer and the landowner. Recent studies have shown cover crops can bring short-term production benefits to renters and long-term benefits… Read More

Research Shows Strip-Till Benefits

“We saw a consistent benefit of strip-till over no-till for these soils we were working with,” said Fabián Fernández regarding a University of Minnesota soil study. While observing soil physical properties, they saw desired percentage changes in the organic matter,… Read More

Differences in Practice & Quality

Producers are taking measures to keep nutrients in the soil and water runoff clean. Northwest Iowa farmer Kent Pruismann said, “We have 17.6 acres to control the runoff, and we’ve been closely controlling it for at least 10 years now.” Producers… Read More