Midwestern BioAg is transforming agriculture.

We have successfully pioneered a unique approach to farming that raises yields, lowers costs, and improves margins on the farm. As our partners in change, our farmer customers are increasing food quality while lowering their environmental impacts.

This approach is called “biological farming.” It combines the best practices of conventional and organic farming with innovative fertilizers, cover crops, and animal nutrition.

Our approach to farm management builds a whole-farm ecosystem supported by healthy soil. Following this sustainable approach, farmers increase crop health, yields, and pest and disease resistance, which drive profits on the farm.

Recent Blog Posts

Corporate Animal Welfare

Earlier this week, Walmart announced new farm animal welfare policies to help improve conditions for animals in their supply chain. Walmart is just one of several major food companies currently revamping supply chains for improved animal welfare and farm sustainability…. Read More

Grazing Cover Crops

Dry weather patterns and bad fire seasons have fostered an interesting partnership between farmers and ranchers in the west – The Idaho Cattle Association’s (ICA) Cover Crop Pasture Exchange. Designed to help ranchers cope with dry range conditions, the website… Read More

Building Soil Health, Profits

In a recent Mississippi State University article, Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station soil scientist Billy Kingery details the connection between soil health and farm profitability. “Fertilizers replenish the nutrients that are taken from the soil when a crop is… Read More

Demonstrating Soil Health

In Dunn County, Wisconsin, farmers and community members alike are concerned about soil erosion and water management. As a result, the community has come together to form the Dunn County Soil and Water Health Partnership, an alliance to promote soil… Read More