Midwestern BioAg is transforming agriculture.

We have successfully pioneered a unique approach to farming that raises yields, lowers costs, and improves margins on the farm. As our partners in change, our farmer customers are increasing food quality while lowering their environmental impacts.

This approach is called “biological farming.” It combines the best practices of conventional and organic farming with innovative fertilizers, cover crops, and animal nutrition.

Our approach to farm management builds a whole-farm ecosystem supported by healthy soil. Following this sustainable approach, farmers increase crop health, yields, and pest and disease resistance, which drive profits on the farm.

Recent Blog Posts

Feeding a Growing Population

A recent article from the NRCS’s Jon Stika explains the important role soil health will play in meeting the dietary requirements of a growing global population. When soil health, or the capacity of the soil to function, is strong, soils are… Read More

USDA & Cover Crops

Released in early June, the National Working Group on Cover Crops and Soil Health’s new report on ag sustainability outlines steps the USDA can take to help build soil health nationwide. “These recommendations provide numerous policy options for continued advancement… Read More

Buffering the Basin

The Natural Resource Conservation Service launched the Mississippi River Basin Healthy Watersheds Initiative in 2010, a program that has since helped farmers in 13 states implement science-based practices on more than 1 million acres. Designed to accelerate conservation efforts in… Read More

Cover Crops & Biodiversity

A ground-breaking study from Michigan State University has linked crop rotations to improved soil health. These findings are the first of their kind to show that cover crops can independently increase soil microbial functions that benefit plant growth. “Although the… Read More