Producer Profile: John Jorasz, Jorasz Brothers Farm

Farm Highlights:

  • Wilson, Michigan
  • 250 cow dairy, along with dairy beef & heifers for a total of 800 head.
  • Runs 5000 acres of corn, beans, alfalfa, wheat & barley.
  • Has used the Midwestern BioAg program since the early 90’s.

Product Highlight: Liquid-Carbon Based Fertilizer 10-14-1

It all started in the early 90’s when John Jorasz stumbled across Gary Zimmer at one of his meetings. He believed that what Gary said held a lot of promise and a lot of truth. After that encounter, he took the initiative and learned more about biological farming and what he learned made a lot of sense to him; the rest, they say, is history, John has been implementing the BioAg system on his farm ever since.

This past year, John used L-CBF 10-14-1 as a starter on his corn ground. What intrigued John about this product was that it was molasses based. Molasses is a natural sugar product and is more soil friendly than other liquid starters which made it ideal for John’s management plan. John also purchased a new planter this year which could only utilize a liquid starter and he looked to Midwestern BioAg to supply him with an easy to use product to suit his needs. His new planter handled the liquid very well and also allowed him to experiment with different application rates. John settled on a rate of 10 gallons/acre placed at 1 inch beside and 1 inch below the seed. He had absolutely no issues with flow or the planter, even at higher rates; in fact next year he plans to apply 12-15 gallons/acre because of the impact that the L-CBF made on his corn. The L-CBF seemed to do a lot more for the corn and because he had no issues with the handling of this product he is looking forward to being able to apply it at a higher rate and see even more positive results.

Not a boastful man himself, John insisted that his corn was just as good as everyone else’s; but this year he did notice that his neighbors were commenting on his corn and comparing it to others insisting that there was nothing else in the county quite like it.