L-CBF Testimonials

Jump start your roots

“I plan to use L-CBF as a straight starter fertilizer. I found it to be very successful … I had an excellent corn crop this year. This was another tool as important as any starter fertilizer. Tillage-wise, L-CBF is as important as anything that you can use to incorporate into your system. And it’s easy to do.”

Dan Craig – Town of Vernon
Waukesha County, WI
1,100 Acres + Custom Operator

“We will use this product on all of our corn acres in 2012. It gets the root going and the plant healthy, and without a healthy plant you can’t have a good end product.”

Joe Wedig – Darlington, WI
450 Acres
200 Dairy Cows and 60 Beef Cows

“I used the product because I trust MBA and their vast knowledge in this area. I plan to apply the product on 1,850 acres of corn on corn for 2012. Use better fertilizers that are more effective with yield response!”

Steve Berning – Warrenville, IL
1,850 Acres of Corn
275 Acres of Hay