Let the Cows Decide – Free Choice Mineral Program

Getting a perfectly balanced diet for all your herds’ needs is not an easy thing to do. They need the right amount of forages, grains, proteins, minerals, and salts. One part of the diet that might get overlooked due to its small size is minerals. Trace minerals are essential to the diet. They play a critical role in livestock’s metabolic functions which include supporting growth and development, immunity, and reproductive performance. Balancing these minerals is vital for livestock’s well-being.

How much mineral does each cow need? Just let the animal tell you. Cattle are great self-regulators and they usually know how much to consume in order to balance the minerals in their body. That’s why I suggest our free choice program. Our program allows the livestock to choose the nutrients they need and replenish what might be lacking in their feeds. Our free choice minerals are essential to keeping a balanced diet for all of the stages in livestock’s life.

Choose between the six free choice blends that Midwestern BioAg offers:

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