CUSTOMER SUCCESS: A struggling hay field finds a solution.

Paul Burrs, a first-generation farmer from Northern Illinois, who owns and operates Hickory Ridge Farm, found his testimony for Midwestern BioAg this year. “Midwestern BioAg is going to fit well with what I need in the future,” said Burrs.

Burrs grew up working on a local farm throughout high school where he dug into his passion for agriculture and found his employer to be instrumental in helping him start his career. Upon graduating high school, Burrs went on to study agronomy at Illinois State University.

Today, Burrs operates 1,200 acres where he farms corn, beans, wheat, and alfalfa. Additionally, he raises about 60 cows/calf pairs.

Burrs is currently in the process of transitioning into organic. “I find I have to maximize whatever I can,” states Burrs.

Struggling with an old hay field and poor alfalfa stands, Burrs turned to Midwestern BioAg. He was looking for a method or product to bring him positive results – a solution that could optimize his current operation and support his transition to organic. After connecting with Steve Lundeen and Nathan Lamkin, consultants for Midwestern BioAg, Burrs began using OrganiCal. The struggling hay field seemed to have found a solution.

“I called Steve this spring and said, I can’t testify that this [OrganiCal] was the answer, but it sure looked amazing. I feel like I harvested more hay than ever before, and it’s an old hay field,” Burrs said. 

Pleased with his experience with MBA and the OrganiCal product, he confidently states, “this is our first year with MBA and we will be working with them in the future. As far as making the transition to organic, you guys seem to have some products that pair with what we are trying to do.”

Midwestern BioAg finds great appreciation and gratitude toward customers like Paul Burrs who are excited and passionate about developing their operations and are finding success with “The BioAgWay.” As Burrs says, “I really like what BioAg has to offer. It aligns with what I want moving forward.”