Specialty Crops

From contract growers, to large-scale vegetable operations, to small-scale CSAs — we have the right products and programs to fit your operation’s needs. Our fruit and vegetable experts can work with your staff to recommend products to fit your existing program, or prepare a comprehensive whole-farm fertility plan. Our proprietary products go beyond NPK by supplying plants and soil life with calcium, sulfur, trace minerals and carbon. From homogenized and pelletized trace mineral packs to NPK products with season-long availability, our organic fruit and vegetable fertilizer ingredients will help you maximize nutrient efficiency all season. Every ingredient we carry promotes soil health, is gentle on roots and soil microbes, and optimizes plant growth, resiliency and quality.

Feeding Restaurants

Kristen Kordet was working as a restaurant server when she founded a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in 2004. Since then, Kordet’s Blue Moon Community Farm has supplied that restaurant,...

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